Imagine that the next time a pain-in-the-ass customer calls, you could just fire them on the spot
and easily replace them with a better customer...


Described as “A must-read for local businesses and home service contractors."
People like this book. Even my mom.

Dear business owner:

Are you dealing with too many pain-in-the-ass customers and failed marketing campaigns? Do you want the phone to ring with customers who have the budget to hire you -- that you actually would enjoy working with? If yes, read on...

Maybe you’ve hired a marketing company, employee, or freelancer. You’ve invested thousands of dollars, but it isn’t working. Worse, your marketing team can’t even report back to you what’s actually happening in your business -- only a bunch of confusing internet report jargon b.s. ... Not only is this wasting hard-earned dollars, the opportunity cost of bad marketing is even greater while your potential customers find a local competitor instead.

Chances are, your marketing team doesn’t specialize in local marketing. They do a little bit of everything and “know enough to be dangerous” to market your business online, right? This puts you at a major disadvantage. If you’re serious about growing your sales and putting the kibosh on wasted advertising -- I have a book for you. Unlike most, general small business marketing books -- this one is exclusively for Local Businesses like yours.

Can't wait for the book to come out?

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Get a free chapter of my book PLUS these instant gifts right away:

  • My downloadable Customer Journey and Branding Worksheet
  • A 10-minute video of me coaching you through how to complete it
  • An invite to my Book Launch Party at the Bohemian Biergarten in Boulder, CO

What small business owner has time to read? Is it worth it? Here's what winners are saying about the book...

Ed Minnick

“A must-read for local businesses and home service contractors not just to get ahead in our industry, but to make sure we don’t fall behind!.”

Ed Minnick
Meyers Heating and Air Conditioning

John Tayer

“Cover to cover, Get FOUND Online is both a practical toolkit for making your business stand out in the noisy social media universe and a very fun read. Every business owner with a product or service to sell should get this book and get FOUND!”

John Tayer
President + CEO
Boulder Chamber

Patti Jostes

“I’m really impressed with your book! Well done!!!”

Patti Jostes
My Mom*

*My mother met my father in English class in college and knows a good book when she reads one.

The book is full of real, battle-tested, proven, actionable tactics and true stories of entrepreneurs and small business owners like you who have put more profit back in their bank account after implementing this work.

Read the book to learn...

How One Webpage Generated Over $200,000
in Sales for a Pilates Studio in Denver

How a Home Repair Contractor Grew Sales 111% in a Targeted Suburb 15
Miles from His Office Without Paying for Online Advertising

Finally, How to Disqualify Bad Prospects Before They Even Call You

Imagine that the next time a pain-in-the-ass customer calls, you could just fire them on the spot. You know the first time you talk with them that they’re trouble. You know that they’re going to eat up your profit and stress you out. What if you could fire them with full confidence knowing that the next call will be the RIGHT FIT. What if you could keep your business pipeline full of qualified leads you actually want to work with? That’s what happens when your digital marketing is working for you like it does for hundreds of my clients -- and I’ll show exactly what to do in this book!



Jack Jostes
President + CEO
Ramblin Jackson

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